Research & Development of, among others, casting

Research & Development of, among others, casting

Research & Development,

From welding or CNC processing to casting
Beautiful products are designed. Often with small amounts at first, for which a welding composition is chosen, or for production from a complete version (CNC processing). Sales increase later, and in all business there is no time to check the components of a machine.

The Engineering department of LKL Staal can advise you! We map out the demands of the products (required strength, surrounding factors, powers, etc.) A new design is then made, which often results in large profits.

There are examples of products which were lasered, welded, processed and coated, and in the new situation cast and processed in China. Savings were significant. You can see some examples under the "Cases" tab. You can also always contact us! We would love to give you advice.


Van lasdeel naar gietdeel

Re-design of existing casting, forging, etc.

LKL Staal advises it customers in the re-design of existing casting and forging. Some occurring instances:

  •       Necessary weight reduction (automotive, aerospace, etc.)
  •       Strength of the old casting or forging is insufficient
  •        Porosity in the cast
  •       Product improvement
  •       Price reduction of casting or forging

In the above instances, it is important to know what it is important and what is not. Think about pulling strength, hardness, tiredness, material choice, etc. The choice for production methods (casting, welding, and forging) is also very important. LKL Staal has all necessary knowledge. FEM analysis is also a possibility.

Using FEM analysis (Final Element Analysis), maximal forces in a design can be calculated, after which the assessment whether a product can reach the desired life span can already be made during the design. The force analysis also gives interesting recommendations about the material/cost savings.

In the lost wax casting process, there is a relative high degree of freedom in the design. Material can be added to the product, or removed.

More information about production methods can be found under the "Production" tab.


Whether you have large or small degrees of technical knowledge: LKL Staal can assist you on all levels, and collaborates with you to achieve an optimal product


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