Blasting is a fine pre-treatment of even finish. The following methods are used:

- Blasting
- Pneumatic Blasting
- Glass bead Blasting

Blasting is the most used method. Steel grit is blasted on the products at high speeds. A blasting wheel is used. This blasting wheel contains stirrers. Pressurised air is not used. Blasting is mainly used as a pre-treatment for varnish or another coating and for removing rust from products.

Pneumatic blasting
Pneumatic blasting is the successor of sand blasting. Sand is no longer used, but the technique has not changed: using pressurised air, the blasting solution is blast against the product. Dependent on the steel cave, a certain roughness can be achieved.

Glass bead blasting
Glass beading blasting (also called glass beading) is used as a finish. Balls and pieces of glass are blast against the product using pressurised air. This gives a nice, smooth finish. Glass beading is mainly used for RVS products, but can also be used on bronze and aluminium. Another benefit is that the surface is smoothed down, which makes it harder for dirt to stick to it, and makes it easier to clean.





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